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RLR 50s are designed to be fast. Fit for any road surface including gravel, RLR 50s excel as speeds increase!

RLR 50's combine the aerodynamics of their 50mm deep, WindShadow™ shape with outstanding lateral stiffness, to create a quick-accelerating, fast-rolling, sharp-handling weapon. 

Vertical ride compliance, torsional stiffness, and aerodynamic performance is improved by the use of our US-Built, lifetime guaranteed, SPDR™ straight-pull, centerlock, hubs and 24 Sapim CX Ray semi-areo spokes per wheel, laced two-cross (straight-pull hubs from many other hub makers count the spoke lobe as one of the crossing points and call this design "3-cross") .   

The 23mm internal width and 30mm external width of the RLR offers the versatility to run tire widths ranging from 25mm-48mm.  RLR 50s employ a traditional hooked bead allowing them to be run with tubed tires as small as 25mm (although they ship set up tubeless ready-to-ride with Ride Lock™ Tubeless Tape and Nut Jobs™ Valves).  Aerodynamic performance is optimized on the road with 28c tires.

Click the Specifications, Protection and Service tabs above this product description to learn more about the RLR 50.

  • APPLICATIONS:  Road/Gravel/CX
  • RIM MATERIAL:  Carbon
  • SUGGESTED TIRE WIDTHS:  25mm - 48mm
  • RIM:  23mm mm Internal Right Wide™ Width (30mm external), 700c
  • DEPTH:  50mm Wind Shadow™ Depth
  • TIRE INTERFACE:  Clincher/Tubeless
  • HUBS:  SPDR™ Straight-Pull, Disc-Specific, Centerlock, 24 Hole, 2 cross
  • FRONT AXLE:  12mm x 100mm
  • REAR AXLE:  12x142mm
  • SPOKES:  Sapim CX-Ray Aero 
  • DRIVER:  RideFast, 3 pawl, Alloy
  • COMPATIBILITY:  Shimano HG 9/12, SRAM XDR, Campy N3W
  • TUBELESS:  Shipped with Nut Jobs™ Valves & Ride Lock™ Tape
  • PROTECTION:  2 Year Warranty, Lifetime Crash Replacement Program
  • WEIGHT:  1590g* set

Click the links to learn more about RLR 30 technologies:  Right Wide™, Wind Shadow™, Straight-Pull

*Approx. Weight PRIOR to Rim Tape



RLR 50s are protected by our 2 year warranty as well as our Crash Replacement Plan which provides $200, no-questions-asked, repair or replacement for damage not covered by our warranty. Click the links below to learn more about each of these protections.

Crash Replacement Program


SPDR CenterLock Front Hub Assembly Diagram 
SPDR CenterLock Rear Hub Assembly Diagram 
Freehub Assembly Diagram (Gen 2, 3 bearing)

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Performance by design

The Difference is in the Details

At RF, we're obsessed with the belief that the "whole" should be greater than the sum of its parts.  It's why we build our wheels in-house, by hand.  It's also what leads us to design and manufacture almost all of the components that we use to build our complete wheels.  From hubs & rims, to tubeless tape & valves, we design each and every part to work together flawlessly as well as to excel individually.

Reviewed and Rated

I can't believe how much I've enjoyed these Livewire wheels...I'm glad I was introduced to this small, SoCal company because these cross-country wheels have been a revelation to me!  MTBR.com Gear of the Year

James Stout, MTBR.com

We have to give it to RideFast for building such top quality equipment.  If trusty and durable carbon wheels are on your wish list, check out the Hotlines.  MBA Field Test

Mountain Bike Action

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