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    LOCOMOTO \lò-kò-mó-tó\ 1:a dangerously powerful motor; often with no known limits to its drive or energy 2: a self propelled vehicular engine designed for pulling

    LOCOMOTO Defined:

    Tic-toc, Tic-toc, Tic-toc…In a time-trial, the clock and your pain threshold are your only opponents; to excel requires an almost maniacal determination and a relentless motor. Loco = Crazy; Locomotion = Self-Sustaining Motion; LOCOMOTO 88 = The perfect tool for the crazy suffering, unwavering energy and attention to detail required to save every possible fraction of a second in the ultimate race against the clock. LOCOMOTOs combine 88mm deep UN1™ Carbon construction and a tubular tire, with time-trial Right Wide width to create a razor-sharp, uncompromising time-trial wheel at a weight that will allow you to gain time when the course heads uphill. LOCOMOTOs are shaped to maximize aerodynamics while still fitting the tight rear-wheel tolerances of modern time-trial bikes. Built around our SPR straight-pull hubs utilizing aero spokes, LOCOMOTOs roll on cartridge bearings with our 6 pawl freehub system offering ultra-fast engagement. The rear hub adds to wheel strength, stability, and aerodynamics by employing a 2:1 lacing pattern. Each LOCOMOTO wheelset ships with carbon specific brake pads and RideFast Ti-QR skewers. Like all of our wheels, LOCOMOTOs are Handbuilt in California and backed by a 2 year warranty and a lifetime crash replacement policy. Make every second count! Ride the Locomoto!

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