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    LIVEWIRE \līv-wī(-ə)r\ 1: a very lively and energetic person; an alert, active and aggressive person 2: a wire which carries an active flow of electrical current; unprotected contact may be hazardous

    LIVEWIRE Defined:

    Trail hardtail? Check. Endurance full suspension? Check. Mid-travel trail bike? Check. Featuring the same UN1™ Carbon construction and Str8 Wall tubeless technology that helps make the HOTLINE an enduro destroyer, LIVEWIREs are the multi-tool of the wheel realm delivering strength and durability in a lightweight package. The all new chassis mates an aggressive Right Wide 30mm internal width rim with 24 Sapim D-Lite double butted spokes encouraging you to push the pace on the way to the top and then rally the descent . LIVEWIREs are tuned to provide a subtly compliant ride with ample lateral rigidity, and pair perfectly with 2.3-2.8 tires. They are built around our SPM straight-pull hubs utilizing Onespoke construction, rolling on cartridge bearings and offering ultra-fast 6.7 degree pedal engagement. Each of our mountain wheelsets ship ready-to-ride tubeless, including RideLock tubeless rim tape and ultralight alloy valve stems. Wheelsets also include 3 additional spokes for those times when you push your limit a little too far. Like all of our wheels, LIVEWIREs are Handbuilt in California and backed by a 2 year warranty and a lifetime crash replacement policy. Make your bike come alive, ride the LIVEWIRE!

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