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    HOTLINE \hät-līn\ 1: in mountain biking, the fastest path between two points without regard to the severity of terrain, contour of trail or degree of risk 2: a direct telphone line in constant readiness so as to facilitate immediate communication

    HOTLINE Defined:

    ENDURO. ALL-MOUNTAIN....Call it whatever you like, at RideFast, we simply call it Mountain Biking and it has been our passion for over 20 years. We live by the motto “RideFast and Take Chances (just not on your wheels)!”. We build HOTLINEs to ensure that the wheels we ride are up to the task of fulfilling our motto. Featuring UN1™ Carbon construction, they are light enough to help you excel when the terrain tilts upward; while Right Wide, 30mm internal width, and Str8 Wall, tubeless-ready sidewalls, provide the strength, stiffness, traction, and durability you demand for your descents. They’re built around our SPM straight-pull hubs utilizing Onespoke construction, rolling on cartridge bearings and offering ultra-fast pedal engagement Each wheelset ships ready-to-ride tubeless, including RideLock tubeless rim tape and lightweight alloy valve stems. Wheelsets also include 3 additional spokes for those times when your “chances” rise up and bite you in the middle of a ride. Like all of our wheels, HOTLINEs are Handbuilt in California and backed by a 2 year warranty and a lifetime crash replacement policy. Take your riding to the next level, ride the HOTLINE!

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