El Dia de Los Enduros Registration (T-shirt & 1 Raffle Entry)

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Welcome to the 5th Annual El Dia De Los Enduros!

There's no way we were going to allow 2020 to stop our 5th Anniversary El Dia De Los Enduros charity event!

So, we're adapting (the only thing missing will be the beer & tacos)!

This year when you register, you'll still get: a cool event t-shirt, and it will still come with an entry into the Wheelset raffle (with the opportunity to buy more tickets and stack the odds of winning in your favor), you'll still have the opportunity to opt-in to the "race" portion of El Dia so you can beat-down your ridding buddies and most importantly, 100% of the proceeds from your entry and raffle purchases will still go directly to Rett Syndrome Research Trust to help fund Rett Research...but this year the event is going VIRTUAL so you'll be able to do all of those things from literally ANYWHERE you live and ride!

How Does it Work?

1. ORDER your 2020 El Dia T-shirt (right here on this page) to enter the RAFFLE!
1a. BUY additional tickets to increase your donation amount & your odds of
winning! Click HERE to add additional raffle entries to your shopping cart!

2. RECEIVE your raffle ticket number(s) by email along with an invite to join our El Dia 2020 Strava Club.
2a. DESCEND (and climb) as much as you can November 8-14 for a chance to win the Crystal Skull and a pair of DNVR work boots from QLTY. (see the RIDE tab on this page for more info)

3. WIN. On November 16th we'll hold the raffle for the RideFast Wheelset of along with all of the other rad prizes from our Industry Friends. (see the RAFFLE tab on this page for more info)

4. WEAR your 2020 El Dia De Los Enduros T-shirt after it arrives in the mail 3-6 weeks following you order.

It's that simple!   Register Now!

Please adapt with us to make sure the Rett Syndrome fundraising effort of El Dia De Los Enduros survives the COVID challenge until we can all get back together for Bikes, Tacos and Beer again next year!

  • Each T-shirt order includes one entry into the 2020 El Dia De Los Enduros raffle.

  • Additional raffle entries (up to 30) can be ordered by visiting the Raffle Entry page after you've added your t-shirt to your shopping cart.  You DO NOT have to order additional raffle entires to be included in the raffle, everyone who orders a t-shirt will get a raffle entry.  To order ADDITIONAL raffle entries (as a tax free donation) click HERE!

  • 100% of the proceeds from t-shirt sales, and ALL of the funds from raffle ticket sales will be donated (in the name of our friend Mikyla Smith) to Rett Syndrome Research Trust to help fund Rett research. 

  • After ordering your t-shirt (within a few days) you'll receive an email with your raffle ticket number (along with an invite to the Strava Club for those of you who are interested).  You don't need to save your raffle ticket number, we'll be doing that for you.  

  • T-shirts will be shipped 3-6 weeks after you've completed your registration.  T-Shirts will be shipped directly to you and will not be available for pick-up.
  • The drawing for the raffle will be November 16th at RideFast Headquarters.  You don't need to be present to win.  Winners will be notified by phone and/or email and prizes will be shipped within a week of the conclusion of the raffle.  (the drawing may be livestreamed on social media depending on the number of entries).

  • The Grand Prize for the raffle is a RideFast Wheelset (the winner will choose which wheelset it is).  The 2nd prize is a set of RideFast HLN835c carbon handlebars.

  • As of 10/14/20 additional prizes are as follows (we'll continue to update this list as brands inform us of what they'll be donating)

    Zoic-$150 Gift Certificate
    Crank Brothers-5 sets: Stamp 7 Pedals; 3 M20 Multi-Tools
    SDG-Dropper Post Gift Certificate
    Fix MFG-Wheelie Wrench
    VitalMTB-3 Gear Club Welcome Boxes

    ...More coming soon!

  • You can also DONATE directly to Rett Syndrome Research Trust by visiting their website:  reverserett.org

  • The "race" portion of the 2020 El Dia De Los Enduros will be a contest to see which rider can record the MOST VERTICAL DESCENDING ("Elevation" as recorded by Strava) during the week of November 8-14.

  • If you want to OPT-IN for the MOST VERT contest please include your Strava username in the ORDER NOTES when you order your t-shirt.

  • Within a few days of your t-shirt order you'll receive an email with your raffle ticket info as well as an INVITE to join the 2020 El Dia Strava Club.  If you don't join the club, you will not be included in the contest.  Even if you joined the El Dia club in previous years, you will need to join AGAIN this year.

  • T-shirts will be shipped 3-6 weeks after you've completed your order.  T-shirts will be shipped directly to you and will not be available for pick up.

  • You DO NOT have to participate in the MOST VERT contest to be eligible for the raffle or to donate to Rett Syndrome Research Trust.

  • There will be 2 WINNERS awarded.  One for "pedal" bikes, and one for "pedal assist bikes".

  • PEDAL winners will receive the Crystal Skull Vodka Trophy and a gift certificate for a pair of DNVR work boots from QLTY. PEDAL ASSIST winners will receive a set of RideFast HLN835AL Handlebars. (in the event of a winner outside of California shipping of the Crystal Skull will be dependent upon alcohol shipping laws for the winners location).

  • Shuttling by Vehicle or Lift Accessed vertical will not be allowed.

  • Vertical will be counted from any type of riding (road/dirt) and may also be recorded during another event or race.

  • Results will be determined the week of November 16th and the winners will be notified by phone and/or email.

  • This is a fun ride/charity event, all "results" are final and informal and will be determined to the best of our ability with no option for protest.

  • If you live locally in Southern California, we'll be doing an informal ride to celebrate El Dia on November 14th.  It would be rad to have you join us!  We'll publish more details in our IG story as the date gets closer...

  • Have FUN, #ridefasttakechances!

About Rett Syndrome Research Trust (www.reverserett.org)

RSRT was launched in 2008 to drive research to a cure for Rett Syndrome and related MECP2 disorders. Our mission is urgent: 15,000 children and adults in the United States and 350,000 globally live with the agonizing symptoms of Rett Syndrome.

RSRT funds more research than any other Rett organization in the U.S. and abroad. Since 2008, RSRT has awarded $66 million to research. An average of ninety-six percent of every dollar donated to RSRT goes directly to our research program. Keeping our internal team lean and fiercely motivated allows us to focus funds and energy on what matters most: healing our children as quickly as possible.

As one of the few neurological disorders to show dramatic symptom reversal in mice, Rett Syndrome has attracted unprecedented interest from university and pharmaceutical scientists. Through innovative research and constant engagement with scientists, clinicians, industry, investors and affected families, RSRT is at the epicenter of this activity.

We do more than just write checks: we are changing the landscape of Rett research. We set the research agenda by proactively identifying and monitoring promising therapeutic areas, seeking out scientific and industry partnerships and working closely with them to incubate programs through the drug development pipeline. We are risk takers who do not shy away from bold and innovative projects unlikely to be funded by the NIH or other more conventional funding agencies.

We believe Rett Syndrome can be cured, but time matters. A rigorous, coordinated, and agile research agenda will get us there as quickly as possible. Our ultimate goal is to become obsolete – by finding a cure.


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