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    HARDLINE \härd-'līne\ 1: advocating a rigidly uncompromising, strict, disciplined course of action. 2: refer to #1...if you think there is another meaning for the concept, these wheels may not be for you.

    Hardline Defined:

    Given the choice between walking through an open door and smashing down the wall next to it, you always choose the wall. Hammering 3 hours is good, 6 hours is better and collapsing from complete exhaustion is the best way to finish a ride! If this is the way you choose to live your life, we build HARDLINEs to provide you with a wheelset worthy of your uncompromising approach! Available as pure-bred, next-level tubular, disc, cyclocross wheels or as new-school, tubeless ready Gravel/'Cross crushers shipped ready-to-ride with RideLock tubeless rim tape, and Speed Evolution alloy valve stems. HARDLINEs employ RideFast's UN1™ Carbon construction, 35mm deep Wind Shadow aero shaping and 25mm Right Wide width to deliver crisp accelerations and precise handling all while providing the durability and exceptional ride quality you've come to expect from RideFast wheels. HARDLINEs are built around RideFast's super-light SPSL straight-pull hubs featuring the ultra-quick engagement of our 6 pawl freehub system. HARDLINEs utilize sealed cartridge bearings and aero spokes to help you keep the speeds high in any conditions. As with all of our wheels, HARDLINEs are Handbuilt in California and backed by a 2 year warranty and a lifetime crash replacement policy. Accept no compromises in your pursuit of satisfaction, Ride the HARDLINE!

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