E-LINE Mixer (29/27.5)

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  • APPLICATION:  E-Bike AM/Enduro/Plus
  • RIM:   34mm Internal Right Wide™ Mainline
  • HUBS:  US Built, SPM 28 Hole, Straight-Pull, 3-Cross
  • Brake Mount:  CenterLock
  • SPOKES:  Front:  Sapim D-Lite (292mm); Rear:  Sapim Race (274mm)
  • NIPPLES:  Sapim, SecureLock, PolyAx, Hex Head, 14mm, Alloy
  • FRONT AXLE:  15mm x 110mm Boost
  • REAR AXLE:  12mm x 148mm Boost, 12mm x 157mm Super Boost
  • DRIVER:  Titanium, E-Certified Engagement
  • COMPATIBILITY:  Shimano HG 9/11 (SRAM NX 12), SRAM XDR, Micro Spline (Shimano 12)
  • TUBELESS:  Shipped with Nut Jobs™ Valves & Ride Lock™ Tape
  • E-Bike Approved?:  YES
  • PROTECTION:  Lifetime Guarantee
  • WEIGHT:  1710g* Boost set (750g Front, 960g Rear)

Also available in 27.5" & 29" sizes.

Available CenterLock Speed Sensor Mount Options:
Lockring Adapter
Brake Rotor

Click the links to learn more about MAINLINE technologies:  UN1™ Carbon, Right Wide™, Str8 Wall™, Straight-Pull

*Approx. Weight, PRIOR to Tubeless Setup

Why We Build It

E-Lines combine our strongest rim, the Mainline with an E-Bike certified version of our titanium freehub, and stiffer, more torque-resistant rear spokes to deliver the power transfer, lateral stiffness, and durability demanded by E-Bike applications.  Like our Mainline wheels, E-Lines are backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.

Built for the rowdiest conditions, E-Lines are laterally, vertically, and torsionally stiff featuring a deep profile and robust cross-section designed to support the most aggressive tires.

Ride quality is tuned & improved through the use of SPM™ straight-pull hubs and 28 spokes per wheel, laced three-cross (while straight-pull hubs from many other hub makers count the spoke lobe as one of the cross points, SPM™ hubs are truly 3x, maximizing torsional strength) . The front wheel employs the same D-Lite Spokes as the Mainline to help mute small-bump chatter, While the rear wheel utilizes, thicker gauge, Sapim Race spokes to prevent "wind-up" that can result from the higher torque output created by an electric motor.  

Power transmission is further aided by the use of our E-Certified titanium freehub which delivers 33% stronger torque capabilities than our standard 4-pawl titanium design.  In the E-bike application, pedaling engagement is controlled/limited by the motor (rather than the freehub as in analog applications) so freehub engagement can be reduced for improved torque-handling resulting in a hub and wheel designed to withstand longer steeper climbing at the higher constant power and torque outputs possible with a pedal assist E-bike.

The 34mm internal width of the E-line is ideal for tires ranging from 2.4" to 3" When paired with a 2.5" (or Maxxis WT) tire, E-Lines deliver the best traction/power transfer and most capable tracking in high speed chunk and hard cornering of any wheel we build.

Finally, it is possible to configure E-Lines in the Mixer or "Mullet" format with a 29" Front wheel and 27.5" rear wheel by selecting the "Front Wheel Only" option from the 29" E-Line and the "Rear Wheel Only" option from the 27.5" E-Line.


It's simple.  The E-Line is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.  RideFast & Take Chances, we've got you covered for as long as you own your E-Lines!  Click the link below to read the coverage details.

Lifetime Guarantee


SPM CenterLock Boost Front Hub Assembly Diagram 
SPM CenterLock Boost Rear Hub Assembly Diagram 
Freehub Assembly Diagram (Gen 2, 3 bearing)


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Performance by design

The Difference is in the Details

At RF, we're obsessed with the belief that the "whole" should be greater than the sum of its parts.  It's why we build our wheels in-house, by hand.  It's also what leads us to design and manufacture almost all of the components that we use to build our complete wheels.  From hubs & rims, to tubeless tape & valves, we design each and every part to work together flawlessly as well as to excel individually.

Reviewed and Rated

I can't believe how much I've enjoyed these Livewire wheels...I'm glad I was introduced to this small, SoCal company because these cross-country wheels have been a revelation to me!  MTBR.com Gear of the Year

James Stout, MTBR.com

We have to give it to RideFast for building such top quality equipment.  If trusty and durable carbon wheels are on your wish list, check out the Hotlines.  MBA Field Test

Mountain Bike Action