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    ROULEUR \rü-lər\ 1: a talented "all around" racer who performs well across a variety of terrains and events often outworking and outlasting rivals 2: in French to roll; rolling

    ROULEUR Defined:

    Climbers. Sprinters. Time Trialists. Descenders. Many riders excel at one particular discipline, but it is a rare rider who posses the qualities to excel in multiple disciplines. In the Pro Peloton these rare few are revered as “Rouleurs”. The same can be said when it comes to wheels. Many wheels are either light, strong, aero, stable or fast, but far fewer posses all of those features. Featuring full UN1™ Carbon construction, RideFast’s ROULEURs are light enough to put you at the sharp end of the bunch when the road points upward. Right Wide width provides outstanding road grip and a smooth ride delivering the handling you demand while forcing the break-away or descending off the front. Right Wide™ also initiates the battle for flatland speed by allowing your tire to serve as the leading edge of aerodynamics. Wind Shadow shaping continues the aerodynamic profile that Right Wide™ began, making ROULEURs as fast as much deeper (and heavier) traditionally shaped aero wheels while at the same time offering improved stability when you find yourself in a crosswind. ROULEURs are built around our SPR or disc specific SPSL straight-pull hubs utilizing aero spokes, and roll on cartridge bearings with our 6 pawl freehub system offering ultra-fast engagement. Each ROULEUR wheelset ships with our Ti-QR skewers, and non-disc wheels ship with carbon-specific brake pads. ROULEURs are shipped tubeless ready-to-ride featuring RideLock tubeless rim tape and alloy valve stems. Like all of our wheels, ROULEURs are Handbuilt in California and backed by a 2 year warranty and lifetime crash replacement policy. Perform on EVERY terrain, ride the ROULEUR!

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