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    DIESEL \dē-zəl\ 1: a rugged, durable, efficient engine capable of delivering tremendous horsepower for extended periods of time 2: an energy-dense and efficient fuel

    DIESEL Defined:

    Blatant disregard for the patience and tactics often required to cross the line first. A singular determination and the all-day power to push (or often drag) others to the edge of and then beyond their limits. The unquenchable drive to prove that pain is nothing more than a word. If these traits burn within you then the DIESEL 5.5 is the fuel for your fire! Blending Right Wide width, UN1™ Carbon construction, and 55mm deep, Wind Shadow shaping, DIESELs deliver the brute strength, sheer speed and laser handling required to achieve the truth you are seeking. DIESELS are built around our SPR or disc-specific SPSL straight-pull hubs utilizing aero spokes, and roll on cartridge bearings. RideFast’s 6 pawl freehub system provides ultra-fast engagement to harness the torque of a big motor. Each Diesel wheelset ships with our Ti-QR skewers, and non-disc wheels ship with carbon-specific brake pads. DIESELs are shipped tubeless ready-to-ride featuring RideLock tubeless rim tape and alloy valve stems. Like all of our wheels, DIESELs are Handbuilt in California, and backed by a 2 year warranty and a lifetime crash replacement policy. Hammer all-day, ride the DIESEL!

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