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    RideFast Racing warrants all products it manufactures to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase (regardless of any additional coverage offered under the Lifetime Guanrantee Program or the Crash Replacement Program). This warranty is extended to the original owner of the product and applies solely to products purchased directly from RideFast Racing or an Authorized RideFast Dealer. This warranty is non-transferrable and is limited to the repair or comparable replacement (at the discretion of RideFast Racing) of a defective item; no other remedy is afforded by the offer of this warranty.  This warranty does not cover damage sustained through product use.  For rider-created damage or for issues not related to material defect or workmanship, please see information below regarding products covered by our Crash Replacement Plan or our Lifetime Guarantee.

    If you purchased your product directly through RideFast Racing, you are immediately registered for warranty coverage with no additional action required.  To complete activation of Warranty, Lifetime Guarantee and Crash-Replacement coverage for products purchased through an Authorized Dealer click here:  warranty registration.  

    Shipping, to or from RideFast Racing, is not included in the fulfillment of either the Warranty, Lifetime Guarantee or Crash Replacement Policy.  All coverage afforded by the Warranty, Lifetime Guarantee, and/or Crash Replacement Program applies only to the original product purchaser and requires valid proof of purchase.  The Warranty or Lifetime Guarantee is void if the original product serial number has been intentionally removed or damaged The warranty does not cover: superficial, cosmetic or non-structural damage, damage caused by accident, crash, impact, abuse, neglect, wear and tear, any of the items mentioned in the Crash Replacement Policy, or, in the case of rim-brake road wheels, the use of non-RideLock™ carbon-specific brake pads. Products or parts that have been incorrectly installed, maintained, adjusted, tensioned, serviced or repaired, or that have been subjected to use outside of their intended application are not covered by the Warranty or Lifetime Guarantee. Following tire installation, Tubular rim beds are covered under the Crash Replacement Program only and are no longer eligible for Warranty coverage should damage occur upon tire removal.

    If, after inspection by RideFast, or a RF Qualified Wheelbuilder or Dealer, any Lifetime product is deemed to have been intentionally damaged or destroyed, the Lifetime Guarantee may be voided at the sole discretion of RideFast Racing.  The Lifetime Guarantee applies only to complete Hotline & Mainline wheels and wheelsets built by RideFast or built to RF Specifications by a RF Qualified Wheelbuilder and does not apply to wheels using Hotline or Mainline rims but built or re-built by a someone other than RideFast Racing or a RF Qualified Wheelbuilder.