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    RideFast Racing warrants its products to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for a period of 2 years from the date of original purchase. This warranty is extended to the original owner of the product and applies solely to products purchased directly from RideFast Racing or an Authorized RideFast Dealer. This warranty is limited to the repair or comparable replacement (at the discretion of RideFast Racing) of a defective item; no other remedy is afforded by the offer of this warranty.

    To complete activation of Warranty and Crash-Replacement coverage for wheelsets purchased through an Authorized Dealer click here:  warranty registration.

    Crash Replacement
    RideFast Racing knows that you love riding your bike as much as we do and we understand the substantial investment you’ve made in your equipment . So, for those times when the chances you take don’t turn out the way you planned, we are proud to offer a lifetime, no questions asked, crash replacement program. The program enables the original owner to return the damaged product to RideFast Racing and to obtain a comparable replacement product at a substantially discounted rate.

    The Crash Replacement Program covers (but is not limited to) damage to RideFast products caused by: Accidents, crashes, yard sales, face-plants, missed corners, poor line choices, trees, rocks, roots, potholes, vehicles, racks, roofs, roof racks, lack of talent, angry cyclists, angry motorists, wild animals and/or any additional malady which is typically explained by a sentence beginning with some form of the expression “I was just riding along (JRA) when...”.

    As of April 1, 2015 replacement prices are: $200 (plus applicable taxes and shipping) per occurrence for each mountain wheel; $300 (plus applicable taxes and shipping) per occurrence for each non-PowerTap road wheel. Prices are subject to change without notice. The Customer will pay the published price at the time a claim is made.

    Shipping, to or from RideFast Racing, is not included in the fulfillment of either the Warranty or Crash Replacement Policy. The Warranty is void if the original product serial number has been intentionally removed or damaged The warranty does not cover: superficial, cosmetic or non-structural damage, damage caused by accident, crash, impact, abuse, neglect, wear and tear, any of the items mentioned in the Crash Replacement Policy, or the use of non-RideLock™ carbon-specific brake pads. Products or parts that have been incorrectly installed, maintained, adjusted, tensioned, serviced or repaired, or that have been subjected to use outside of their intended application are not covered by the Warranty. Following tire installation, Tubular rim beds are covered under the Crash Replacement Program only and are no longer eligible for Warranty coverage should damage occur upon tire removal.