UN1™ Carbon

Unidirectional Carbon (aka “Uni”): Carbon material consisting of individual fibers which are oriented in the same direction, running straight and uninterrupted for the entirety of their length.

It’s a fact that carbon fibers or strands are the strongest when they are straight. It is also a fact that sheets of unidirectional carbon require less resin to bond them than woven carbon sheets, which results in unidirectional carbon not only being stronger but also lighter than woven carbon. As a result, the majority of each RideFast rim consists of unidirectional carbon. There are multiple layers of unidirectional carbon in each RideFast rim with different layers being oriented in different directions or at different angles in order to achieve the lateral and radial stiffness we demand while also allowing us to tune ride quality to meet our expectations.

Each RideFast rim also contains a lesser amount of woven carbon. If carbon is strongest when it is straight, why do our rims contain anything other than unidirectional carbon? The primary advantage of woven vs. unidirectional carbon is the strength of the material when it has been drilled (or punctured), therefore we utilize woven carbon to add additional strength to the areas surrounding the spoke holes and the valve hole.

This combination of carbon technology and layer orientation allows us to create thestrongest, fastest, toughest wheels possible!