Straight-Pull Hubs

RideFast Racing SPM, SPR and SPSL hubs are designed to utilize straight-pull     spokes. Straight-pull hubs are a key component allowing us to build the strongest, fastest wheels possible.

Traditional spokes (also known as “J-Bend”) have an elbow or bend near the spoke headto allow the spoke to enter/exit the hub-flange from the side. This elbow not only creates a point of weakness in the spoke which can lead to broken spokes but it also places limitations on how consistently wheels can be tensioned and often limits wheel strength and stiffness.

Straight-pull spokes are literally just that...straight. There is no bend between the spoke's head where it enters the hub and its end where it attaches to the rim. The spoke pulls straight through the hub, eliminating the weak point in traditional spokes and affording much more consistent wheel building leading to stronger, faster wheels.

As an added (although infrequently required) benefit, in the event of a broken spoke, straight-pull spokes can usually be installed/replaced without removing the cassette or disc brake rotor.