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    The benefits of tubeless tires for mountain bikes are many:  improved traction, decreased rolling resistance, less risk of pinch flats.  In essence, many of the tools you need to RideFast.  Why doesn’t everyone ride tubeless then?  Well, if you were to survey people still running tubes, you’d find two common themes.  First, under extremely hard cornering and/or at extremely low tire pressures traditional tubeless set-ups have been known to roll (or burp) the tire off of the rim causing a sudden loss of air pressuring or a complete flat requiring you to stop riding and re-inflate the tire.  Second, only slightly less annoying than interrupting your ride to fix a flat, many traditional tubeless set-ups require an air compressor to seat the tire bead to the rim (and even with a compressor often require an alarming amount of sweating, wrestling and swearing before the tire is finally inflated).

    Str8 Wall™ addresses both of those frustrating downfalls of traditional tubeless rims.  Str8 Wall™ secures the tire to the rim at the outer surface of the rim bed rather than at the upper limit of the sidewall; this is exactly the way car and truck tires are held onto wheels .  This creates a much stronger bond between your tire and the rim and greatly reduces the likelihood of “burping” your tubeless tire (How many times have you rolled your car tire off of the rim while cornering hard?  That’s right....ZERO!).  Additionally, the tire seats much more easily (with a floor pump) because it only needs to move outward to seal rather than up and out as with traditional tubeless designs (which often require the pressure of a compressor to blow the tire up onto the bead-hook of the rim). 

    As if those benefits weren’t enough, Str8 Wall™ construction requires less material in the sidewall (reducing rotating weight) while also limiting the amount of fiber manipulation at the outermost edge of the rim (creating greater strength and impact resistance).

    Str8 Wall™ removes any doubt from the question of whether to run tubeless!