Right Wide™

Each RideFast Racing wheelset is designed to deliver optimum performance for a specific application (riding type, bike type, terrain, etc.).  In order to best achieve this optimum performance, a number of design and construction characteristics must vary from wheelset to wheelset depending on the intended use of the wheel.  One such variable is rim width.  Rim width (and depth for that matter) greatly influences the ride quality, aerodynamics, strength and handling characteristics of the wheel.  In fact, rim width may be more powerful than any other factor in determining how a wheel performs and how it affects overall bike performance.

It is with that importance in mind, that RideFast chooses the rim width for each wheel we design.  So what is the best rim width?  The fact is there is no single "best" rim width.  Recently, it has become popular to champion the benefits of wide rims ("wider is better").  It is true, in some applications, wider, up to a certain point IS better…however, in other applications, increased width can actually decrease the intended performance of the wheel.

At RideFast we have studied and tested rim widths of virtually every dimension and we have carefully chosen widths offering the very pinnacle of performance improvement for their intended usages.  This is a concept we refer to as Right Wide™.