Qualified RF Wheelbuilders

In addition to beginning with the finest quality components (Rims, Hubs, Spokes, Nipples, Valves & Tape) nothing is more important in determining the quality, durability, and dependability of a wheel than the person who builds it!

In fact, many disappointing wheels have been built from top quality components as the result of poor wheelbuilding skills and/or lack of quality processes.  

RideFast was founded on a lifelong passion for wheelbuilding.  That's why we build every RF (complete) wheel by hand, in-house.  We focus on specific wheel configurations while tightly controlling the build process so that we can consistently deliver one end result...a RideFast wheel or wheelset that you are guaranteed to love!

However, as bike fanatics, we also appreciate that the possibility of customization is one of the many beautiful things about bikes.  So for those of you who want RideFast mountain rims built with: custom hubs, colored nipples, colored spokes, custom lacing, other hub/axle spacing, and/or other rotor mounts we've established our Qualified Builder program.

To become a RideFast Qualified Builder a wheelbuilder must have a history of quality wheelbuilding and must also employ a controlled, documented and repeatable process.

To begin your custom build utilizing RideFast rims, contact one of our Qualified Builders through the links below:

  • The Bike Company
    21098 Bake Parkway, Suite 112, Lake Forest, CA 92630
    (949) 470-1099
  • Hubsessed
    6273 S 2125 E, Ogden, UT 84403
    (801) 564-2783

Don't see your favorite wheelbuilder on this list?  Have them email us at info@ridefastracing.com to become a qualified RF Wheelbuilding Dealer.