Our Story

RideFast grew from one simple goal.  To build a wheelset "we wanted to ride".

From that objective our first wheel, the original "Hotline" was born in 2015.  It integrated hub, rim, and wheel design concepts along with ride characteristics, build quality, and durability in a way we felt was unique for the time.  We had no plan to sell wheels or create a brand, we didn't even have a name or graphics for that first "finished" wheelset, we were just stoked to ride it!

As it turned out, a number of our buddies who'd been watching throughout the development journey decided they'd be stoked to ride the new wheels too! We took pre-orders for enough wheels to build a small production run and stock our first wheelsets into inventory.  Fortunately, those early friends ("customers") were patient because after they ordered they waited while we turned the new wheels from a final prototype to a production ready product...although they were patient, our friends wanted to know what the wheels they had ordered were called, and so, by the time we actually built the first wheels for sale,our "brand" was called RideFast Racing, and the wheelset was the Hotline! 

Since that time we've continued designing, engineering, and creating things we want to ride. We view it as a responsibility and it's something we take incredibly personally. 

That personal connection drives us to obsess about the details and leads us to refuse to compromise.  Really, the only thing that's changed from that first "wheelset we wanted to ride" is that we have a much larger group of friends that we design and build wheels (and bars, hubs, tape, valves, clothing, etc.) for!

If you've found your way to our website, then we're certain you understand our obsession with riding and with creating things that we love to ride! 

With each RideFast product, it is our pleasure to be able to offer you finely crafted instruments to fuel your passion for riding, to enable your drive to achieve your goals, to further your pursuit to expand your limits and capabilities, and to shape the path of your life, the same way riding bikes has shaped ours!

RideFast and Take Chances (just not on your wheels)!