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    Many, if not most, wheelsets utilize 3 different spoke lengths to compensate for the dish (offset) required by disc brakes and/or the rear free hub body.  RideFast Racing disc hubs are designed to require only 1 spoke length to be utilized throughout the entire wheel set (front & rear).

    This design is a part of what allows us to tune the ride quality of our disc wheels to that perfect combination of smoothness, stiffness and strength.  It also offers you, the rider, the convenience of only needing one spoke length to replace a damaged spoke regardless of where in your wheel the damage occurred.  Of course RideFast builds strong wheels, and broken spokes should be a rare occurrence, but let’s face it...If you’re going to "RideFast and Take Chances", sometimes you’re going to miss your line!

    Thanks to Onespoke™, in our Mountain and 'Cross line-ups, missing your line won’t make you miss your next ride because each of those RideFast wheelsets featuring Onespoke™ technology ships with 3 extra spokes and nipples to help you recover from those times when your limits rise up and bite you!