Ride Lock™ CenterLock Brake Rotor Lock Ring

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Ride Lock™ CenterLock Brake Rotor Lock Ring - RideFast Racing

It can be difficult to track down a brake rotor lock ring if it doesn't come from the manufacturer with your CenterLock hub or brake rotor.  We make it easy for you!  Our Ride Lock™ Lock Ring will work with CenterLock hubs and brake rotors from any manufacturer!

• Fits QR, 12mm, & 15mm Hubs
• Requires External Bottom Bracket Tool for Installation
• Maximum Rotor Size:  203mm

Performance by design

The Difference is in the Details

At RF, we're obsessed with the belief that the "whole" should be greater than the sum of its parts.  It's why we build our wheels in-house, by hand.  It's also what leads us to design and manufacture almost all of the components that we use to build our complete wheels.  From hubs & rims, to tubeless tape & valves, we design each and every part to work together flawlessly as well as to excel individually.

Reviewed and Rated

I can't believe how much I've enjoyed these Livewire wheels...I'm glad I was introduced to this small, SoCal company because these cross-country wheels have been a revelation to me!  MTBR.com Gear of the Year

James Stout, MTBR.com

We have to give it to RideFast for building such top quality equipment.  If trusty and durable carbon wheels are on your wish list, check out the Hotlines.  MBA Field Test

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