Color-Change II Decals (Current)

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In case you'd never noticed, GREEN is our favorite color!

But, maybe it isn't yours...or at least it's not the color of your bike...

Use Color-Change decals to coordinate the accent color on your CURRENT MODEL Hotwires, HWR GXs, Livewires, Hotlines or Mainlines with the rest of your bike's colorway!

Our color-change decals, are designed to seamlessly cover the stock, sublimated graphic accents on our mountain wheelsets allowing you to "sticker-over" the RideFast Green base accent with the color of your choice.  

Made from high quality, durable, fade resistant, vinyl your bike will keep looking rad through lots of adventures (and baths)!

Stock colors*: Red, Orange, Yellow, Matte Gold, Pink, Blue, & Turquoise. 

Each Decal Kit includes enough decals to color-change 1 complete set of wheels.

To Order:  Choose your wheel model and color.  It's that simple! (these decals fit RF wheels with graphics that have "RideFast" 3 times on each side of the wheel).  These are the decals for CURRENT mountain wheel models available on this site.  

You color isn't listed?  Other accent colors are available on a special-order basis; contact us to discuss options!

  1. *Unfortunately, the lighting of your computer screen doesn't allow a true representation of all of the available colors.  For reference, Red & Yellow match well with Rock Shox reds/yellows, Blue & Orange match well with Fox colors, Matte Gold pairs well with Eagle gold components, and Turquoise is a good companion for Yeti paint schemes.

*not available for first generation RideFast Racing graphics
*not available for road wheelsets/graphics


Performance by design

The Difference is in the Details

At RF, we're obsessed with the belief that the "whole" should be greater than the sum of its parts.  It's why we build our wheels in-house, by hand.  It's also what leads us to design and manufacture almost all of the components that we use to build our complete wheels.  From hubs & rims, to tubeless tape & valves, we design each and every part to work together flawlessly as well as to excel individually.

Reviewed and Rated

I can't believe how much I've enjoyed these Livewire wheels...I'm glad I was introduced to this small, SoCal company because these cross-country wheels have been a revelation to me! Gear of the Year

James Stout,

We have to give it to RideFast for building such top quality equipment.  If trusty and durable carbon wheels are on your wish list, check out the Hotlines.  MBA Field Test

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